Leather Care


The first thing to consider is the fact that leather is a natural product. Leather products are quite durable, but they also require proper care in order to remain in a good condition. While we offer several types of leather—each having its own unique properties—there are some basics of leather care that apply to most leather types.

Cleaning Leather

The best way to remove dirt or scuffing from leather is by rubbing a damp cloth onto the affected areas. A damp cloth will work most of the time, but sometimes you will need to use a cleaning agent. However, you should always exercise caution when using cleaning agents, as some of them contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to the leather. It is important to note that leather products should be cleaned regularly—cleaning should be gentle, otherwise you risk scratching the leather.


In order to take proper care of your leather products, you will need to use a conditioner, which will keep your leather lubricated and supple. There are several types of conditioners on the market, however, not all of them are suitable. Wax-free conditioners are considered the best for leather conditioning, as they do not leave any greasy residue.


Perhaps the most effective way to protect your leather products is through prevention. Here are some basic guidelines for protecting your leather products:

  • Do not store leather products in plastic bags or containers;
  • Store in cool and dry places;
  • Avoid storing under direct sunlight.

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