Coasters - Find yours!

Our coasters provide an organized workplace with a functional work environment. Our Ashlin coasters provide you with a sophisticated look for your office board room, office desk or home.

Our Ashlin® coaster designs give you many options for choice of colour, design, and stitching options.

We offer single coasters, as well as sets of 4,6 or 8 coasters as well.

Our leathers have a smooth buttery feel and they create a natural patina over time. If this matches your design requirements like an aged wine, then leather is the best option. Our coasters match our Ashlin® desk mats as well. We have both square and round coasters in our standard designs.

We also have a selection of VEGAN leather options for your coasters. Choose our VEGAN option if you are a vegetarian at heart. These VEGAN leather coasters as much protection to your desk as a leather option.

Ashlin® Custom Coasters:


  • Ashlin® specialize in custom coasters.
  • In case you are looking for a unique shape, such as a oval shape or some other custom design, let us know and we can work with you to make a unique product.
  • In case our standard designs do not satisfy your requirements, we can provide custom solutions.
  • You can choose from:
    • Top stitching or none
    • Base lining: felt or leather or non-slip rubber
    • Materials: We use a high-quality cowhide or a high-end VEGAN options
    • Construction: Your choice of a stiff-solid construction (MDF) interior or a lighter board interior for a flexible construction.
    • Logo: you can put your logo or your tag line!
    • Personalization’s: If you need to, you can add a set of initials or names if you like your choice!

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