Desk Pads - Find yours!

Our desk pads provide an organized workplace with a functional work environment.

Having an organized workplace provides a optimized work environment, improved work space while protecting your desk.
Whether you call it a desk mat, a desk blotter, or deskpad or a placemat the result is the same an organized work place!


Our desk pads provide a structure to your workplace. Choose once that fits your work style and matches your environment.


Our leathers have a smooth buttery feel and they create a natural patina over time. If this matches your design requirements like an aged wine, then leather is the best option. Our leather desk mats are fabulous to write on and function great as a mouse pad.


Our VEGAN leather options are also a great writing surface. Choose our VEGAN option if you are a vegetarian at heart. These VEGAN leather desk mats provide a super smooth writing surface and cross function as a mouse pad.

CUSTOM Desk mats.

  • Ashlin® Leather goods specializes in custom desk mats.
  • If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, we can make a custom desk pad and matching accessories to match your requirements.
  • You get to choose:
    • top stitching or none
    • Base lining: felt or leather or non-slip rubber
    • Materials: We use a high-quality cowhide or a high-end VEGAN options
    • Construction: Your choice of a stiff-solid construction (MDF) interior or a lighter board interior for a flexible construction.
    • Logo: you can put your logo or your tag line!
    • Personalization’s: If you need to, you can add a set of initials or names if you like your choice!



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