Company Swag - Ethical Eco Friendly

Ashlin specializes in creating your Company Swag for your employees.

We have Smart, Sustainable options with ECO Friendly products for your employee needs.

Introducing our curated selection of products for your swag and company events. These are our tried-and-true classics that we have been providing our clients for the last couple of seasons.

After a lot of demand for eco-friendly sustainable options, we have curated this set of products that you can benefit from for your own employees or for your clients. We have included in this collection a fabulous collection of Inukshuks that are handcrafted in Northern Ontario. We're so happy to provide this memorable gift whenever you have special events or clients. To be specific one of our customers came to us and said that they needed something unique and Canadian for their customers visiting from overseas and after several options back and forth we landed on this gift for them. The Inukshuk represents Canadian innovation and tradition. The collection of Inukshuk's are crafted from renewable resources.

Specializing in:

* Company Stores

* New Hire Swag

* Special Events

* Gifts for Clients

* Tradeshow Events for Staff 




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